Mission 1 accomplished!
Phase 1 (aka ZooBC), has been completed!

Each phase of this long journey toward decentralization is characterized by very unique settings due to very specific requirements. Phase 1, the creation of ZooBC, has been the most difficult. First of all because when an idea, a concept, has to materialize from someone’s brain into something real, into something working and functional, it requires excellent talents and a very strong team working together. Together as in sitting one next to the other, have frequent meetings, discussions, and feedback on the code produced. Different small teams coding small pieces of the application that must be assembled and must work together smoothly.

Another reason why this first phase has been complex is due to the long roadmap. The first of 5 phases must hold the weight of the following 4 phases. As when building a 5 story house, the ground floor comes with large foundations made to support the other 4 floors, so the first phase of the implementation of decentralization technology needs to be architected and built so that it can grow with no issues. Adding layer two solutions to scale and expand is a road to failure (as we have well seen in other blockchain projects).

So, yes! Kudos to the team that has worked on the creation, deployment, and debugging of ZooBC.
This website is being remade. Stay tuned for great news into phase 2!